Oregon Caves



Artist's Motto: To Create is to Live!

Artist's Statement:

I love being an artist as I get to work on anything I want and it gives me great satisfaction if viewers respond to any piece that I am bringing to life in any medium. I love it when they get a subtle connection or they can just let it become whatever they want and it becomes a catalyst for viewer's imagination. If they want to try creating with information I can pass on I enjoy the teaching aspect of it all.

Creating is a way of life with me and I don’t know what I would do if I was no longer able to create or inspire others to create and perhaps follow their own new path.

Please visit my Sculpture, Ceramic, and Painting Galleries for my newest work, my Artist's Bio to read my biography, and my Workshops and Exhibitions page to find out where I am exhibiting.

Contact me for more information:

Email: Jackie@JackieArts.com